Subscribe to Online service.


-This procedure allows for the establishments a service of registration in the online

Required Documents: 

-1. Fill the subscription request format in the electronic service department.
2. copy of establishment card (valid).
3. copy of business license (valid).
4. copies of passports of authorized signatories, with specimen signature in addition to:
-E-Gate card if the authorized person is a consul or GCC nationals or holding visit permit for representative offices



Additional Info: 

-1. signature of the citizen only on request.
2. the secret code is delivered to the owner of the subscription only.
3. for enquiry about the online, please call: 04-3139911

Processing Time: 
1 working day
Service ID: 

-1. (2000) subscription fees in online services.
2. renewal fee (1000) per year
if the establishment is new or one of the old establishments which didn't subscribe the online service, the fees shall be collected (2000) for subscription + 1000 dirham for the second year + 1000 for the third years, total 4000 dirham.
If the establishment has online service at the time of renewing the card for 3 yeas, fees shall be collected by an amount of 1000 for each year by total 3000 dirham.


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