Smartphone Apps (For Android and iOS)

GDRFA in your pocket!

Now a lot of your GDRFA related work can be done via your smartphone.

GDRFA has great new apps for smartphones or tablets, whether its on Android or Apple.
We have made our procedures quicker and more convenient with this new development.

Download the app to:

  • Renew passports (citizens)
  • Apply for new, or renew sponsored visas (citizens)
  • Renew sponsored visas (citizens)
  • Apply for new, or renew residency for wife and children
  • Extend on-arrival visas
  • Generate barcode to pass through smart gate at Dubai airports
  • Obtain legal consultations
  • Attach required documents
  • This application provides you access to the most frequently required services of Dubai Immigration.

    As a Dubai citizen or resident sponsor, you can 
    o Apply for a visit visa for your relatives 
    o Use the smart gates on the airport with the app if you are registered already for the gates 
    o Apply for a residence entry permit for your family members (Wife and Children)
    o Apply for new residence for your family members (after they have arrived to the UAE with a residence entry permit)
    o Renew residence permits for your family members 
    o Transfer your residence to your new passport
    o Check eForm application, residence application, residence and entry permit status
    o Apply for fee refund for refused applications and warranty refund for entry permits
    o Apply for cancelling resident for any sponsored under your sponsorship
    o You can generate the “travel status report” and the list of people you sponsor (“sponsor and sponsored report”)

    As a Dubai citizen, you additionally can

    o Get an Entry Visa for domestic helpers (maids, nannies, etc.)
    o Request a new or renew it UAE passport

    As a tourist arriving to Dubai, you can extend your on-arrival visa

    As a company registered in Dubai, you can:
    o Extend, renew or cancel an entry permit for anyone your organization sponsors before they enter the UAE 
    o Request Establishment Card or PRO card renewal
    o Request Establishment Card or PRO card in replacement of a Lost/damaged one
    o View the list of individuals your organization sponsors
    o Generate sponsor and sponsored report

    You can also find the location of Dubai Immigration (GDRFA) office locations, should you need it.
    You can also get answer for any legal concern related to Dubai immigration rules and policy.

    There are a whole host of other services for both individuals and companies.

The app is available from the official Apple App stores and Google Play stores. Just search for GDRFA and you are on your way!

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