Renewal of PRO card for UAE or GCC citizens


This area explains the procedures followed in the department to provide a service of renewal of PRO card for a national or citizen of GCC.

Required Documents: 

-For PRO of UAE national or citizen of a Gulf Cooperation Council:

1. fill request form of PRO.
2. Old PRO Card.
3-color photos fixed on request.
4. a certificate of good conduct from police headquarters – Dubai (valid).
5. passport copy of the PRO , and E-gate for citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council.
6. Copy of cards of establishment (valid).
7. Copy of business licenses.
8. a copy of the addendum of names of partners issued from Department of economic development if the company is (LLC.).
9. a letter from one of the partners stating the years of issuance of the card.



Additional Info: 

• If the license of the establishment added on the PRO card (individual), and the owner of the license is:
1. A company within the State, one must bring a copy of the license owner.
2. If a license owner is (LLC.) , one must bring the addendum of the names of the partners from the economic department or tourist company to identify the owner/partner citizen license.
3. If the file of the resident PRO is subject to the department directly, he is entitled to issue the card from one to three years.
4. If the file of resident PRO is subject to the Ministry of labour
5. Fine of delay is calculated (50) starting from 1/1/2012 under Executive Board decision No. (3) 2012 on adoption local fees and fines. Fine of delay is calculated
(100) from the date of 1-8-2014 under the cabinet decision (22) of 2014 on organization and development of the services sector of naturalization and residency at Ministry of Interior 0

Processing Time: 
1 working day
Service ID: 


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