Moblie Services 150

Use this service to make inquiries about Overstays, Entry Permits, Residence, etc.

M-services 150 are available for both Establishments and Individuals.

For Establishments:

  • Establishment users will be registered using the portal,
    on payment of a registration fee.

  • Only the registered mobile number may be used to access the USSD services. (An Establishment can provide a maximum of four mobile numbers.)

  • DNRD will provide the Establishment with a four digit pin code.

How to use the service:

1. The establishment user has to enter the 4-digit pin code provided by DNRD and select language preference before proceeding.

2. Establishment users may then query the following:

  • Number of people overstaying for the establishment

  • Entry permit:

    • Visa Enquiry (Issued/under process/ number of overstay days)

    • Entry/ Exit status.

  • Residence Inquiry:

    • Residence enquiry (Issued/ under process/ number of days overstay)

    • Entry/Exit Status.

For Individual users:

At present, Individual users can use the service without registration. They may enter the e-form Application number or Visa Number as identification to inquire about:

  • Visa Expiry details for no of days left

  • Residence Issued / Under process / number of days overstay

For further information, please call Amer Service on 8005111