Employment visa for support categories for a resident sponsor


This field explains the procedures used in the entry permit department to provide the service of issuing entry permit of work from the General Directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs for support groups and their like for a sponsor (resident).

Required Documents: 

-1. Application form for entry permit with fee payment through the (e-form) by the sponsor containing the photograph of sponsored person.
2. copy of passport of the sponsor and sponsored one.
3. lease contract stamped by the Department of real estate authority or certificate of accomplishment of the building certified by the municipality + ownership.
4. Last electricity bill

5. If the wife is working in the State, her copy of passport must be brought with residence in addition to marriage contract.
6. If the sponsor works in Government or semi-government sector.
-Salary certificate in Arabic language.
7. If the sponsor works in the private sector:
-Work contract certified by the Ministry of labour in addition to the certification from the General Directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs-Dubai.
8. the required minimum salary of 6,000 dirhams.
9. If the sponsor is partner or investor:
-Articles of incorporation with the business license and its accessories.
10. a letter from the sponsor's Consulate stating that there is no link between the sponsor and the sponsored person in the event that the sponsor and sponsored one are of the same nationality

If sponsoring a driver:
1. Original and copy of (2) vehicle ownership in force (force) in the name of the sponsor.
2. driver's valid driving license.
3. Must be living in a residential villa.

In case of sponsoring a farmer:
• Original and photocopy of farm card issued by the Department of establishment
If sponsoring a nurse:
1 • Qualification for the nursing profession duly certified.
2 • Patient's medical report from accredited health centres in the State.

To sponsor a horse handler:
• Passports for the horses.

Sponsoring a caretaker:
• A letter from the competent authority of camel racing in the Emirate



Additional Info: 

--One can request mobile visa (m-visa)
Type the request (e-form ) and receive approval via SMS.
1 • if there is similarity between the sponsor and the sponsored person, the resident (sponsor) is asked to present a letter from the Consulate to prove the absence of relationship between sponsor and the sponsored person or of a family member of the sponsor.

2 • Sponsor’s family must be resident within the state.

3 • The house must be consisting of two rooms and a hall. The existence of a separate dwelling (Villa) to ensure support groups (males).

Processing Time: 
1 working day
Service ID: 
Audience Type: 

(200) entry permit fees paid through work request (e-form), as follows:
• (100) application fee
• 100 AED issuance fees

2. Fees shall be paid inside the country via (e-form) (if is the sponsored one is inside the country).
• (680) entry permit fees within the State.
(2020) dirham to be paid to the bank staff as a financial guarantee refundable after canceling residency and the departure from the state, when the sponsored one runs away , this amount is turned into ticket as follows:
• (2000) financial guarantee refundable.
• (10) DHS administrative fees.
• (10) the bank fee.


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